Employers of employees who work primarily in California are required to pay the final paycheck, including any earned and unused vacation (not paid sick leave) on the date of termination of the employee is fired, laid off or if the employee quit and provided at least 72 hours’ notice of quitting.   If the employee quits and provides less than 72 hours’ notice the employer has 72 hours to provide the final paycheck.   If the employer “willfully” withholds the final paycheck after the date it was due, the employer may owe the employee one day’s pay for each day the employee has to wait to be paid – up to 30 days and the law states that the employer “shall” pay the employee’s attorney to collect what is owed.

Employers should make sure they pay their employees timely and properly.   Any employee who does not receive his/her final paycheck on time, should call Kristine S. Karila, Labor & Employment Law Attorney who represents employees, employers and independent contractors.   Ms. Karila offers a free initial phone consultation.   (949) 481-6909.   http://www.attorneyemploymentlawca.com.

There are several laws which protect a pregnant employee from harassment, discrimination, retaliation because of her pregnancy or related leave.   And did you know that in California, a pregnant employee may qualify to receive up to seven months of protected (can’t fire, demote, etc. BECAUSE of her pregnancy or related leave) leave.   Call Law Office of Kristine S. Karila to discuss.

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